Possibility through change!

Sudden turns in life, unexpected events, and surprises that sneak up on us are all chances for growth, new insights, and the opportunity to take advantage of new possibilities. Life has been topsy-turvy over the past few months, and in looking back over what has transpired, I can’t help but be grateful for all that has taken place.

We all make plans, and expect to carry out those plans. But what happens when circumstances change our well-intentioned ideas so nothing we thought would happen actually takes place? Unexpected changes can lead us to new possibilities and take us to unknown places that may just turn out to be a huge blessing!!

We moved twice in the last four months, and are still waiting to move into our permanent home sometime in June. In all the chaos, we purged our garage and closets of unnecessary “stuff” and pared down what we brought with us to our new place of residence in Colorado. In all of the craziness, we have seen God’s hand leading us every step of the way. Our house sold in record time and for a ridiculous price. We found a rental that took our big great dane dog, and moved closer to two of our grandkids. On the day we moved into our new place, my husband was invited to interview for his dream job. Upon getting an offer for this job, we were able to get out of our lease, and move halfway across the United States within a couple of weeks. Phew!

I never expected all of these things to happen, yet here I am, living in Colorful Colorado, and starting over after 21 years in California. If anyone had told me six months ago that I would be here, I would have laughed. Yet it feels exactly right. This is where I/we are meant to be right now, and I am going to embrace this new adventure with joy and excitement for all that can happen from here on out.

I like things stable and predictable, but I am beginning to see that change can be good. When things stay the same all the time, I get too complacent and maybe even too satisfied with the status quo. Shaking things up a bit causes me to re-evaluate my priorities, and to take stock in what it is I should be focusing on each day.

So I am looking at all the new possibilities ahead for my life – new friendships, new places to use my gifts and abilities, and new chances to make a difference in this world. Change can be good, and for me, right now, it is the catalyst to new possibilities that I never imagined! I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I know who holds my future. My hope is in God alone, and I will rely on Him as I forge ahead in this new place! To God be the glory! Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

One thought on “Possibility through change!

  1. Praising our Lord for teaching moments and your openness to the one He laid out for you and yours! So exciting! And like Jesus, Paul, and others ; they were missed by many and so are you…yet now you get to reach out to a whole new community of believers, making new friends while you deepen their faith and they challenge yours – all to the glory f God! And I hope I can learn to travel light also! Hoping and praying the honeymoon period of the new job continues! And to get the one of his dreams speaks to me of Gods fsithfulness! Love you, jill


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