Colorado Possibilites!

We have safely arrived in Colorado from California! We were welcomed with snow flurries and a bristling cold, and it is absolutely fabulous! I love seeing snow fall from the sky! It has been many years since I have lived in snow country, and the big fluffy flakes that we are seeing remind me of childhood fun in the snow in New York.

But I digress. We lived in Colorado for 18 years, but that was 21 years ago! I was reminded of some things as we traveled across the country, and saw the majestic vistas of snow-covered mountains and scenery that looked like a post card for the west. I had forgotten about pronghorns and prairie dogs. They seem to litter the countryside from Utah on, as well as the crazy black and white magpies that pop up everywhere along the way. I love these reminders of our past here, and it causes me to think that there is so much possibility ahead as we explore this beautiful state once again, and find our way around new, exciting places.

What is going through my mind right now? Questions about how I will find my niche here, and where I will plug in and join others in community. What friends will I make and where can I make a difference are high on that list of questions. I have been in the same place for quite a while, and change is not always easy for me. I know that this is where God has us for the next season of our lives, and I don’t want to waste it. As we step out in faith into all the new experiences that lie ahead, I am grateful for God’s provision for us, and for all the possibilities to intentionally live every day. No matter where we are, our lives can reflect what we believe. I want to be the woman God made me to be, and to live out the purposes He has created for me to fulfill. The place doesn’t matter, but my character does! This is my opportunity to step into all the possibilities that lie ahead and embrace this new adventure with positive energy and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each day is a gift, and I want to live life to the fullest with every moment I am given here. “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

One thought on “Colorado Possibilites!

  1. Oh my! You left CA and CPC, for us “left behind” that’s a sad thing; and yet with a grateful heart I am so thankful for all I have learned from you! And because of technology, we are blessed to continue benefitting from all your wisdom. And in that gorgeous Colorado setting with new and renewed encounters I believe the Lord will inspire you to pour out more wisdom and insights to all who read what you send out!
    With prayers for your life on this adventure called life with the One who formed you!
    Love, jill


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